Features To Look For With Glass Bongs In-Store

While there will be plenty of options available to buy glass bongs online, there is nothing quite like the in-store experience.

This is where tobacco shoppers get the chance to appreciate these creations up close and personal, testing their weight, their style and how they would integrate into their home.

When scouting for glass bongs designs in the market, it is worthwhile paying attention to some essential features that will count in the long run.

Once the client recognises what will suit their needs moving forward, they will be more confident making the splash with glass bongs.

Unit Size

Shoppers who are taking note of glass bongs at a store will come across a number of different size selections. From the regular designs to the small and extra large cylinder profiles, constituents can take their pick of utilities. Tobacco consumers are advised to opt for a brand that matches their experience and their smoking lifestyle. The bigger the bong, the bigger the hit of smoke for each application. In this regard, it is important for newcomers to start with a smaller investment and build up to a larger alternative before rushing to the large cylinder creations.

Strength of Glass

Tobacco users might be apprehensive about glass bongs given the fragility of the material. This is why some people prefer ceramic, plastic or metal alternatives. With this being said, shoppers who visit a dispensary will come across items that have different thickness levels to support a harder frame. From the smallest 3mm options all the way up to the 9mm designs, clients have the ability to invest in a thicker frame of glass to give them quality assurance and durability in equal measure.

Composition of Parts

Paying close attention to glass bongs in-store will help smokers to pinpoint products that are simple to use and simple to clean. From the base to the downstem, the spinning disc, splash guard, the bowl, the stemless, the ice pinch and the tube itself, there are essential features and some additional extras that compose each item. For participants who want to be familiar with these systems and customise their smoking lifestyle, it is beneficial to shortlist goods that feel approachable and user-friendly.

Product Price

Man smoking in a glass bong

It is hard to ignore the price tag on any investment, but especially for glass bongs. There will be the high-end deluxe models that are listed in the thousands of dollars range while the cheaper brands will feel accessible without extending any type of assurances. Consumers should reflect on what they are willing to spend on the design given that they will need to calculate for their tobacco use. Identify a price bracket and sort collections that are out of that specified range.

Style & Aesthetics

Smokers who are in the market for these glass designs will be presented with a wide array of styles and aesthetics to suit their needs. From the scientific and generic to the outlandish and culturally appropriate creations, there will be something to suit the tastes of every user at every budget level. The key for individuals is to see what suits their lifestyle and what appeals to the eye because they will become the property of the customer for the long-term.

Warranty/Insurance Inclusion

Hopefully clients who use glass bongs won’t require any form of insurance or warranty, but some of the fragile designs will be compromised inside the first 24 months. In this event, it is beneficial to buy from a supplier who has these terms and conditions covered for the sake of the consumer. While visiting stores in-person, it is worthwhile approaching representatives and asking them about their policies.

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