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Welcome! we are culturpressreleases we write premium  content that readers and search engines love
We specialise in
  • Press release writing
  • SEO copywriting
  • Content weiting

All our content is original, not respun, and completely crafted by our in house team. Consists of keyword or phrase in title – If possible. Premium quality, targeted written, without keyword stuffing (adding the key word just for the sake of it). Remember: The article should flow appropriately and the keywords should fit naturally.

So, when you order copy from me, you not only get me as your writer. But you get ANOTHER copywriter ( traffic/list specialist) onboard to get your project started, as I develop the very best  copy possible.

In other words When you want to hire me, you’ll first check in with my trusted business partner alex.

Here's how it works

  • Step 1. Send Alex An Email By Clicking On The Red Button Below.
  • Step 2 Alex (my biz partner) Will Respond Within 12 – 24 Hours.
  • Step 3. I Write.
  • You Profit.

Simple enough right? Following that, i take a seat at the HQ of culturepressrelease, block the entire world out and bang out the copy that is going to work for you.It’s like hiring a full blown agency With Alex, you’ll get his undivided attention and all your questions answered so your campaign can move in the right direction whilst allowing me to focus 100% on your project. You’ll get copy that is highly targeted, packed full of benefits with raw emotion pouring through each and every word generating true, visceral reactions in the minds and hearts of your prospective buyer… But if you want boring, lifeless copy… I’m sure there are plenty of “great” writers out there who would love to take your money.

So who am I

My name is Thomas and while I was in primary school I never liked writing but I was always fond of words. I remember the day that all changed I was at school and the teacher decided to read out a story someone in our class had wrote.

To my surprise the teacher chose my story, this was confusing because I wasn’t the top of my class. Afterwards, the teacher said he wanted to speak to my mother, and this was never a good thing so i didn’t tell my mum that the teacher wanted a meeting.

Fast forward to parents evening (these never went well for me) the teacher said he wanted to enter my story into a local competition because he thought I could win.

I was just as surprised as my mum. Fast forward to the competition. I didn’t win, but I came second. For the first time I felt genuinely proud of myself together with a teacher the believed in me, CHANGED MY WHOLE LIFE . Later that day the teacher said to me that I could grow up to be a great writer if I applied myself.

At that age I didn’t take him seriously because I only wrote one fairly good story maybe I got lucky. But his words planted a seed, an idea deep in my mind. I can distinctly remember when my teacher’s words come back years later begin to inspire curiosity within me. I was 13  was on a bus sitting next to a stranger and he was on the phone, he was using words I’d never heard before he sounded adult and very important, this got me thinking about my teacher’s words, about the power of words tone and language, this was the start of my curiousity. Over the following years, writing became a huge part of my life far beyond school.

I live in London where I spend my time meeting new people, collecting new words, and you guessed it – writing.

Why This Business?

culturepressreleases was started because of my teacher’s words and my curiosity. It was started so that I can help people in the best way any I can. I was started so I could find out if my teacher was right… What if I had what it takes to be a writer what if…….

So i dived in culturpressrelease.com with my services i can help you, your business, your brand gain exposure, all while keeping your audience engaged, I look forward to the opportunity.

Check out my writing samples here otherwise get in contact with me here. By working with me and my team you can expect a level of professionalism and efficiency that is all too rare amongst freelance writers. We do not want to work with you if You’re Looking To Haggle Prices I’m not a used car salesman. There is no built in wiggle room. These are the rock-bottom-lowest-we-can-go prices… and honestly, I only intend on keeping this low for another 3 – 6 months. You don’t want to haggle on price anyways. Even with “Great” writers. The more you haggle, the less time your writer is spending on your copy. The less time they spend on your copy… the worse your results are going to be. Guaranteed. You wouldn’t haggle a surgeon or doctor or pilot. Don’t haggle a copywriter. They’re both bad for your health.

So what are you waiting for put me to work !

  • Step 1. Send Alex An Email By Clicking On The Red Button Below.
  • Step 2. Alex (my biz partner) Will Respond Within 12 – 24 Hours.
  • Step 3. I Write.
  • Step 4. You Profit.

Simple enough right?

And remember… this entire process is protected by my Guarantee. Either you love everything about this… or you get your money back. You have nothing to lose. Literally. Click on the big Red button below and send me and Alex an email. You will have full rights to each article written.
Let’s do something awesome together.