3 Ways To Bring A British Sweet Shop To You!

We all have that craving for a candy every once in a while, for some it’s a lot more than others – but that’s beside the point. There are times when we want the sensation of walking into a colourful and exciting and sugary British sweet shop and have a session that is all about us, indulging our sugary desires and having a wonderful time forgetting about the current state of the world.

A classic British sweet shop is a tradition, no matter where you are in the world, they invented so many of the classics after all and still retain the title of the treat capital of the world. A British sweet shop also has the reputation of being a little hard to find when not in the land of the kings and queens. There were days gone by that the only way to get the sugary delights of a British sweet shop was to go there yourself or hold on hope that a visiting friend will bring a few delights with them.

Those days are far and gone, and we are lopping up the wonderful and decadent ways of a classic British sweet shop wherever we are in the world. How, you ask? Well, let us count the ways.

1.   The Internet Is A Wonderful Thing

The internet is a wildly wonderful invention that has brought so many new and exciting ventures to our own front doors. From the wild west of amazon’s bookstore turning into a juggernaut of exceeding proportions to the TV slowly morphing into YouTube and Netflix. There isn’t much that you cannot get online these days, this includes the delights of a British sweet shop. Once considered landlocked, many of the independent sellers and larger conglomerates in the kingdom have taken it upon themselves to expand their coverage and customer base by offering a range of different sugary treats to be available at the click of a button.

From a small British sweet shop on the corner of a tiny London borough, straight to your front door? Sign us up! There are many avenues with COVID to selling wares online and across borders, so if you want to support a small business, we’d go for the little guys first.

2.   Buying From Local Importers

British sweet shop

If you don’t want to spend time waiting by the door for the genuine article from the small-town British sweet shop as it passes through customs and multiple sets of hands before getting into yours, we have good news for you. There are many establishments that have set up shop here with the sole dedication for all things saccharin, and the treats that go along with them. There’s not just one British sweet shop throughout all the major cities of this country, all taken it upon themselves to import and sell from a classic brick and mortar location, so you can recreate the magic for yourself.

3.   Learn The Recipes

Yes, this is one tall order. To compete with a proper British sweet shop is no easy or small task for anyone, it shouldn’t even be on the list, but it’s been done before so here it goes. There are many tutorials out there that help ordinary people recreate the utter delights of a British sweet shop in their very own kitchen to wildly mixed results. The downside is also that there is no way of recreating the sensation of walking into a colourful storefront and seeing the wares all wrapped and prepared, but it certainly is a way of bringing the sugary sweetness to you.


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